Mediterranean Journal of Food Science &Technology (MJ-FST)

  • The aim of the Mediterranean Journal of Food Science & Technology is to provide to scientists an international medium to publish scholarly papers and research articles at the forefront of food science.

  • The Mediterranean Journal of Food Science & Technology publishes original peer-reviewed research articles, reviews and short communications that all aspects of food science, including, among others, the interface between agricultural production and food, as well as the influence of food science breakthroughs nutrition and health. In general, multidisciplinary articles should necessarily relate to some aspect of the science of food.

  • Acceptability of Manuscripts relies on the impact of their findings and accuracy of technical aspects.

  • Manuscripts based on experimental designs that advocate a mere comparision between treatments, void of mechanistic advances to the field that reach beyond treatment effects, may be systematically returned.

  • Acceptability of a manuscript is a factor of high quality, originality and relevance to advancing the science of food. Furthermore, the scope of the manuscripts should encompass the international interest. Submission that cover a topic with only local interest will be rejected.

  • Authors are requested to suggest a topic when submitting their manuscript. During review and revision, the significant findings are established, and this may change the most appropriate topic for listing of the published article.