Mediterranean Journal of Food Science &Technology (MJ-FST)

  • The aim of the Mediterranean Journal of Food Science &Technology is to offer scientists an international forum to publish research at the forefront of food science.

  • The Mediterranean Journal of Food Science &Technology publishes peer-reviewed articles that cover all aspects of food science, including the interface between production agriculture and food, as well as how food science influences health and nutrition. In all cases, the key findings in multidisciplinary articles must address some aspect of the science of food.

  • Manuscripts may be judged unacceptable due to low impact of the findings or inappropriate technical aspects.

  • Manuscripts with experimental designs that are a simple comparison among treatments, without demonstrating mechanistic advances to the science beyond treatment effects, may be returned without review.

  • To be acceptable, a manuscript, in addition to being of high quality, must be considered important and relevant to advancing the science of food. Furthermore, manuscripts that cover a very narrow topic with only local interest will not be considered.

  • Authors are requested to suggest a topic when submitting their manuscript. During review and revision, the significant findings are established, and this may change the most appropriate topic for listing of the published article.